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The Many Faces of Tarot


Did you know that I like tarot? It’s true. I might have something of a problem. The first deck I ever owned was the Arthurian deck, which you can see on the left side of the picture. I’ve had that deck for—wait, let me get the abacus out… okay, too long. Since I was a sophomore […]

The Hero I Wasn’t Expecting


This was going to be the Spanish book, the third book in my Tudor fallen angel Magick Trilogy. I knew from the start I was going to need a Spanish hero. But I happened to be watching the entire seven seasons of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer back to back while I wrote Mistress by Magick […]

Out of the drawing room and into. . . the Alps?


When I set out to write my second novella for Carina Press, I only knew one thing: the heroine would be Lady Alice, the rejected almost-fiancée we never quite meet in Improper Relations. Beyond that, I had a blank slate in front of me. It took weeks of brainstorming, coffee and chocolate before it hit […]

Tragic Beginnings to Happily Ever Afters


There are quite a few things I love about being an author, especially an historical author. There are way too many to list but one of them is taking the woes of the modern world and translating them into the Regency equivalent. And I have to warn you, this blog and my book might make […]

Walking into the past


What’s your favourite month in the place where you live? And why? I love September in my home town, the ancient university city of Cambridge, England. The trees are beginning to turn, the tourists are gone, and the students have not yet arrived. The place has a stillness about it and a sense of waiting. […]