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Character Interview ~ The Guardian’s Witch


Ah, there you are and just in time. Thank you for coming; I knew you wouldn’t want to miss this. We’ve pulled a real coup. Let me give you a little background before they begin. Our investigative reporter is about to hold an interview the hero, Lord Alex, and heroine, Lady Lisbeth, of Ruth A. […]

Character Interview: Natalia Hallowell and Genevieve Caine from Deep Deception


I’ve never done one of these and was a little nervous when I decided to give it a go. You’d think that as the person who wrote Deep Deception I’d know Natalia and Gennie well enough that their answers wouldn’t be much of a revelation. Not so. That’s the beauty of writing and creating characters, […]

Introducing…Malle Vallik


I had to take a hiatus from behind-the-scenes interviews for a month, but I’m getting back on track again, starting with my boss, Malle Vallik. When I intro my co-workers, saying positive things about them is easy, because it doesn’t sound like I’m sucking up. In Malle’s case, she’s the person who does my performance […]

Introducing Edward Beauchamp


I owe an apology to Edward because this interview was supposed  to post last Monday, but I had a computer meltdown that morning and it completely slipped my mind. The first thing I must tell you about Edward is that he pronounces his name wrong. He says it’s Beechum. I’m telling you, I believe it’s […]

Introducing: Carly Chow


Today, Carly is my favorite person because she gave an answer that allowed me to include a picture of a shirtless dude–one special shirtless dude who I happen to have a few pictures of on my computer. Pictures I have for…work purposes. Ha. Anyway. Carly is another of those quiet ones I talk about, who’s […]