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Janni Nell Interviews Editor Elizabeth Bass


Hi!  I’m Janni Nell and I live with my family in Sydney, Australia. I’ve always dabbled in writing but didn’t seriously try for publication until my kids were in school. Luckily my submission, Allegra Fairweather: Paranormal Investigator, to Carina Press fell into the hands of Elizabeth Bass. It was my pleasure to interview her for […]

Kathleen Dienne Interviews Editor Melissa Johnson


Hey, y’all. I’m Kathleen Dienne. I’ve been a theatrical stage manager, a marketing director, a video game consultant, and a professional blogger, but being a Carina Press author is my proudest achievement to date. My first novella, Her Heart’s Divide, is an erotic contemporary with a plot that turns on the concept of parallel universes. […]

Week 14…the week of submissions


(Psst, today’s a holiday day for both Canada and the US Harlequin offices. I’m not really here writing this. Okay, I am, but I’ll try to keep it brief). Last week was the week of submissions here on the blog, and I’m so glad that many of you found the posts, especially the post on […]

Around the web, Christmas edition


I’ve done a few more interviews, so I’m going to share those links below. Yep, it’s Christmas Eve but Carina Press is still hard at work (for the next few hours anyway). We’ll be taking Friday off from the blog, but I’ll be back on Monday with a weekly update, including information about all the […]

Visit Me Around the Web


Here’s where I’ve been the past week: Today I blogged at The Prairie Chicks about (my own) writer’s block, deadlines and working from home. As of this writing there were no comments and I feel sad about that. Go visit! You can listen in on my phone conversation with Russ and Brent at QBaH (you’re […]