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The Best of Opposites Attract Love Stories


By j. leigh bailey, author of RECKLESS HOPE There’s something incredibly exciting about an opposites attract love story. Whether it’s the build-up of sexual tension through witty banter, or the balance each partner brings to the other, I absolutely love watching two seemingly different people come together. Especially when they have to overcome themselves to […]

Grand Romantic Gestures


By j. leigh bailey, author of NOBODY’S HERO Who doesn’t remember the moment when Patrick Swayze strides through the banquet room and declares, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner” before dragging Jennifer Grey onto the dance floor? Or when Heath Ledger serenades Julia Stiles and the entire Padua High’s girls’ soccer team? These are the […]

Author Spotlight: j. leigh bailey


Are you looking for a new male/male romance? Make sure Nobody’s Hero by author  j. leigh bailey is at the top of your list. Keep reading for j. leigh bailey’s advice on writing through depression as well as more information on this emotional read.  j. leigh bailey on writing through depression Historically, many famous authors have […]

April 2015 Releases


Enjoy our Carina Press new releases! With new titles available for download every week, visit this page to plan your shopping for the month. You’re sure to find a story you’ll love! P.S. Shop our presale titles—buy upcoming titles now and download on the street date! April 6 | April 13 | April 20 | […]