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#CarinaMystery sale!

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September marks the start of Carina Press’s mystery celebrations, and what’s a celebration without party favors! From August 29–September 26, you’ll be able to get 10 awesome mysteries from your favorite ebook retailer for just 99¢ each! Which book are you going to read first? Tell us on Twitter using #CarinaMystery!   COURT OF CONSPIRACY […]

But Not Forgotten — Josh Lanyon


A couple of years ago I was watching a mesmerizing — chilling, really — documentary called The Imposter. It was about a family in Texas that loses a child. Literally. A 13-year-old boy disappears and no one knows whether he ran away or was abducted…it’s a family’s worse nightmare. And then years later a young […]

Genre Spotlight: Mystery

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We absolutely love a good Mystery, regardless of the time period. Whether it be in the here and now, historical, or even the future, nothing is more thrilling than a high-stakes investigation. Need recommendations? Keep reading to find out how author Rosie Claverton writes mysteries, as well as five great books to start you off. Writing […]

Turn Left at the Mean Streets


I was watching the 1946 version of The Big Sleep for about the millionth time the other day, and it occurred to me that, in a weird way, black and white movies seem more real than color. Not just movies, come to think of it. Stills too. There’s something about the play of shadows and […]