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Helmut Saves the World — Notes from a First-Time Author


This being my first book release, and the first of anything I have written longer than a term paper, I thought I would talk about my experience as a new author. First off, I’ll tell you a little secret. I’m not a real writer. That’s what I told my editor Jeff after he reviewed my […]

Once Upon A Time On Mars


              The Grimm brothers are popular dudes these days. Within just the last three years, movies, books, television series and comics have begun reworking the old popular tales that the Grimms and other folklorists recorded. Interestingly, these latest interpretations of the classic stories, like “Snow White and the Huntsman” […]

The Worst Bad Dates


At what point would you give up on finding love? Or at least take a break from it? A handful of bad dates? Six months’ worth? A year? And how horrific would they have to be for you to finally throw in the towel and declare yourself off the market and on a break from […]

The Yearbook Curse


Five years ago, I went to my high school reunion. During the big Saturday night dinner, we voted for the “Mosts” – Most Interesting Job, Most Kids, Traveled the Furthest Distance, etc. (I lost Most Interesting Job to the woman who designs displays for the Lego company. I couldn’t really complain.) In any case, the […]

Creating a Modern Beast


Eighties television and vodka are a potent combination. Let me back up. My little sister and I have a long history of staying up way too late and watching television reruns. It started back as kids when we’d watch Nick at Nite during summer vacations and nosh on popcorn dripping with butter and snowed in […]