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Energy on Both Sides of the Stage


By Nico Rosso, author of MÉNAGE WITH THE MUSE Book three of Demon Rock What happens when two very different satyr rock stars find their Muse…and discover it’s the same woman? Musician Mia Dillon’s having the week of her life. Sharing the stage with the world’s biggest acts at a hedonistic festival is a rush, […]

Interview with a Foot Reader—Samantha Ann King


“So, Meredith, has Charlie read your feet yet?” “Excuse me?” Emma glanced at Charlie and smirked. “Your feet. Has he read them?” “Uh, no.” Forget surreal. She’d just entered The Twilight Zone. From Tempting Meredith by Samantha Ann King About three years ago, I learned my brother is a foot reader. As I listened to […]

Would You Ever Pay for Sex?


Would you ever hire a prostitute? For yourself? For someone else? That’s exactly what the young married couple in The Submission Gift, Jay and Adriana, end up doing. His suggestion, her decision. It’s a complicated process to set up, involving a little fear and a lot of nervousness and awkwardness. Their relationship isn’t foundering. They […]

Sharing Hailey: The Fantasy


When I was in high school, I desperately wanted an older brother. Two, three, four years older. I didn’t want him to help me with my homework or protect me from bullies. I wanted to date his friends. And of course, he would have had smokin’ hot friends. Otherwise, what’s the point? I didn’t have […]

BIG LOVE – Is It Possible?


Is it possible to have a loving, lasting relationship with more than one person…at the same time? This is the burning question Tina faces in PARTY of THREE – available now from Carina Press. After three years of denying herself any sort of physical relationship—if you want to know why, you need to read the […]