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5 Military Romances That Will Really Heat Things Up

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by Annabeth Albert, author of Tight Quarters It’s no secret that I love military romance! There’s something so special about heroes and heroines in uniform! As a long-time reader of Carina Press (long before I was published even!), I’ve loved the diversity of military romances that Carina Press has published over the years. And with […]

Weekend Playlist


Every book I write gets a playlist, and the OUT OF UNIFORM books are no different. For OFF BASE, I thought I’d share the top songs from my Spotify and YouTube playlists. This was a fun playlist to put together because my heroes are so different. Zack, my SEAL, is a country boy who kept […]

My Perfect Imperfect Heroes


By Anna del Mar, author of THE ASSET   I have a soft spot for heroes who deliver on brain and brawn, heroes who are strong, competent and loyal, but also flawed, vulnerable and struggling to become better human beings. You might think that heroes like that don’t exist in real life, but I know […]

Show Off Your Genius!


By Julie Rowe, author of LETHAL GAME  The heroine of Lethal Game is a 24-year-old double-specialty doctor. A genuine genius who looks at life a little sideways. I’ve always wondered though, what real genius is? Is it your IQ, or is there more to it? What about people who come up with simple ideas to […]

Writing it or Living it?


By Sharon Calvin, author of JAYHAWK DOWN How the life of a writer compares to Lt. Caitlyn Stone, US Coast Guard Helicopter pilot in Jayhawk Down. My office looks like this (well, usually it’s not this nice and tidy): This is what Caitlyn’s “office” looks like: What I do for a living: https://instagram.com/p/5__bBMwUA-/ What Caitlyn […]