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2015 Year in Review – August 2015 Dear Reader Letter


Every Carina Press ebook includes a letter from Carina Press Editorial Director Angela James to you! She gives you a peek inside all of the amazing books published by Carina Press that month. Here is a handy recap of all of our August 2015 releases. Enjoy!   Dear Reader, This month, Julie Anne Lindsey kicks […]

Author Spotlight: R.L. Naquin


Looking or a new series to sink your teeth into? R.L. Naquin’s Monster Haven series features plenty of supernatural adventures that will take you on a wild ride! Read on for writing advice from R.L. Naquin, as well as reviews from Monster Haven fans and details on the latest book in the series, Demons in […]

Best Friends Are Like Mushrooms


 Most urban fantasy worlds have a built-in requirement that the general population is not allowed to know what’s going on. This rule often leads to all sorts of hiding-it-from-the-best-friend shenanigans. Will the best friend believe in the ghosts/vampires/werewolves/gremlins if she accidentally finds out? Will she be angry with our heroine for not trusting her enough […]

Hidden Magic


Magic. It’s a five letter word that holds so much possibility. We use it all the time to describe a baby’s first laugh, a romantic moment, the illusions of a Vegas showman, or even the most mundane objects. I even have a blender called a “Magic Bullet.” In books and movies, magic can be the […]