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Salvation Release Week—Stephanie Tyler


Thanks for joining me during release week for Salvation–this is the 3rd book in the Defiance series, and it’s Bishop and Luna’s book. Whenever I write a book, I start with a soundtrack—I love music and I find that it helps to ground me in the books. There are certain songs I associate with certain […]

Author Spotlight: Stephanie Tyler


Have you been following The Defiance Series? It combines New Adult with a post-apocalyptic setting to create thrilling stories filled with feisty heroines and motorcycle clubs. Find out more about the latest in the series below, as well as some valuable writing advice from Stephanie Tyler. “Finish the Book”: Writing Advice from Stephanie Tyler I […]

Author Spotlight: Allison Parr


New Adult is a unique genre, located somewhere between YA and the more grown up genres we’re all familiar with. It’s about your first real job, your first serious relationship, and figuring how just how this whole adult thing works. Allison Parr is an expert on the New Adult heroine. Combined with the Sports genre, […]

Stalking For Ideas


When I first decided to delve into the world of New Adult stories, I was hit with the usual fear that strikes most writers: What the heck am I going to write about? But then I remembered something I once read. When we think of stalkers, the names of celebrities such as Jodi Foster, David […]

The weird magic of New Adult.


God, your late teens/early twenties. How weird were those years? The weirdest, right? You’re trying to figure it out. Who you are, what you’re doing, where you’re going. There’s new expectations placed on you, new responsibilities, and you’re balancing all that with work and/or school, and your social and love lives. But, at the same […]