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Confessions of a Closet Monarchist


I didn’t expect to be writing novels about the unjust persecution of misunderstood monarchs. It just sort of…happened. I blame The Scarlet Pimpernel. I loved that story as a girl; I loved the 1934 movie with Leslie Howard and Merle Oberon on the late-night movies, and I loved the made-for-TV movie in the 80s with […]

Voices from the Past


I hear voices. They keep me awake at night, telling me stories, or telling me what I got wrong when I wrote their stories earlier that day. Occasionally they don’t wait for me to go to bed. When I started writing Texas Tangle I had no plans to write a historical about Dillon’s great-great grandparents. […]

He Drinks WHAT?


You know, I’ve gotten used to getting funny looks from friends and family over the years. I used to play role-playing games (known as RPG’s) like Dungeons and Dragons and Rolemaster. I was sometimes the Dungeon Master (which is not nearly as kinky as it sounds, trust me). In the course of my campaigns I’ve […]

Kinky for You


Years ago, an author friend advised me to read erotic fiction to write better romance. I took her suggestion. What could I lose? The first book I studied was The Best American Erotica, an anthology series. I was unexpectedly moved by a short story by Anne Tourney. The story was titled Full Metal Corset. It […]

Between Wake and Sleep


I don’t know about other writers, but since I was a child I put myself to sleep by telling stories. These mental movies were almost always romances from the time I was young. Of course, back then they might feature that great romantic couple tragically separated by looming puberty–Peter Pan and Wendy. Come to think […]