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Steampunk Got Rhythm


[Stay tuned for an eBook contest at the end]. Okay, quick question: How many of you write poetry? All right, and from those who affirmed, how many write traditional rhyming (metric) verse? Not many, I’ll bet? And lastly, of those rhymers, how many of you write narrative (story-based) rhyming verse? That’s pretty rare, but I […]

Nobody’s Hero


Genes shape who we are when we’re created. The argument of NATURE vs. NURTURE rears its head every time a baby is born. He has his mother’s eyes, his father’s nose, his grandfather’s hands. As a child grows, Nature comes into play even more. He’s allergic to peanuts just like his uncle, is left-handed like […]



My first blog for my novella, Stroke of Midnight, and here I am, soaking in a tub of hot water with a face cloth over my eyes, trying to still my mind, and open up to ideas for what to say about the long and winding road to Carina Press and the exciting new opportunity […]

From Paris with Love & Murder: A Virtual Tour


The Paris Secret is my very first romantic suspense novel. I was inspired to write it after my own solo trip to Paris in 2007. In the book, librarian Maya Sinclair also takes a solo trip to Paris and finds herself framed for murder and on the run with smokin’ hot French journalist, Simon Girard. […]

Choose Your Own Hero, Take On the World


I have an addiction to aural storytelling. As a kid I couldn’t wait to go to the local library for story time. In the evenings I’d beg my father to tell me bedtime stories. Of course he’d thwart me by reciting the following ditty: “Once upon a time a monkey found a dime. The dime […]