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This Is Not My Story


It’s rather ironic, I talk more than any three speedy-tongued cartoon characters put together and yet seldom reveal anything truly personal. I am private, ridiculously so, and chatter is my shield. This protective instinct extends to the secrets of others. My mother calls me “the vault” and I have become a kind of repository for […]

Holidays in June


That’s when I first started thinking about the holidays–in June. And technically, in terms of the publishing world, I was late! I should have been thinking about the holidays in the spring. But, well, you know…there was this small matter of this imprint we were trying to launch by June, so I was a little […]

A saying for every occasion


Here’s two facts about me that you’ll need to know when you read my stories. First, my parents are from the West Indies. Second, I was raised in the South. Well, there you go. Have a nice day. Oh wait…you don’t get it? That could only mean one thing–you don’t have to deal with that […]