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10 New Year’s Resolutions Every Book Lover Tries To Keep


A new year is almost upon us. Will 2016 be the year you drop the grudge against your friend who ruined your first-edition copy of Harry Potter or you actually spend time outside? Here are 10 resolutions we should try to keep (even though they seem impossible): 1. I will not buy more books until […]

Eight Impossible-Gifts-to-Get That Every Book Lover Actually Wants


There are lots of practical gifts for people, but this is what we’re wishing for this year! An extra hour (or 12) in the day to read. via GIPHY A promise that books lent to friends will be returned…and in the same condition they were lent out. via GIPHY Daily sales on ebooks. (RomanceDeals can […]

You tell us: What’s your bugbear?


I’m totally stealing the word bugbear from a video Mills & Boon Senior Editor Joanne Grant did awhile back. I had never heard the term bugbear before! For those who have also never heard it, here’s a link to the Wikipedia entry, but essentially, it means akin to a pet peeve or irritant. Anyone who’s […]