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Quicksilver Dreams, Book #1 of the Dreamwalker series: The Road to Being Published


Holy $*%t they want to buy my book!  I quite freaked my husband out with my happy dance listening to the message left on my cellphone that fateful Friday when Quicksilver Dreams was first bought; he couldn’t tell if I was extremely upset or extremely excited. The funny thing was, I happened to have had […]

Aliens in sock kilts


My in-laws gifted my 8-year-old daughter her own digital camera and her bedroom is now a sound stage, complete with “Quiet I’m filming” sign on the door. She’s made several movies starring her dolls. Most of these independent films revolve around Barbie’s rockstar career and/or Barbie’s trip to the mall. I don’t know how I […]

In Praise of Nerd Heroes


Hi, I’m Zoë, and I’m a nerd lover. Hi, Zoë. As a romance reader, and romance author, I know I’m supposed to love the big, brooding, badass alpha hero.  He’s the guy who can do everything—lead an assault on a nest of vampires, single-handedly take down the drug cartel, defeat the spy ring while flawlessly […]

About Lilly Cain and Alien Revealed…


So I thought I might do a little interview with myself, LOL. Here are a few questions and answers I always want to know from my favorite authors whenever I get a chance to speak with them. (This is a picture of me with one of my sai, anyone out there enjoy weapons work?) Have you […]

What If…


Like all of the authors lucky enough to be a part of Carina’s launch, I am thrilled to be here with my sci-fi erotic romance novella, Alien Revealed! Have you ever played “What if…”? Author’s do it all the time. We say ‘What if that girl was really a ghost?’ or ‘What if cousin Carson […]


Wait! Before You Leave…

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