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Aliens in sock kilts


My in-laws gifted my 8-year-old daughter her own digital camera and her bedroom is now a sound stage, complete with “Quiet I’m filming” sign on the door. She’s made several movies starring her dolls. Most of these independent films revolve around Barbie’s rockstar career and/or Barbie’s trip to the mall. I don’t know how I […]

Why I Love Sci-Fi/Fantasy


Lately whenever anyone has asked me “what have you read lately?” my usual reply is some sci-fi or fantasy novel they’ve never heard of. I often wonder if they think I’m strange (maybe for other reasons), or that it’s juvenile. Sometimes I get reactions about the size of the books I’m reading (less obvious since […]

Steampunk Got Rhythm


[Stay tuned for an eBook contest at the end]. Okay, quick question: How many of you write poetry? All right, and from those who affirmed, how many write traditional rhyming (metric) verse? Not many, I’ll bet? And lastly, of those rhymers, how many of you write narrative (story-based) rhyming verse? That’s pretty rare, but I […]

What If…


Like all of the authors lucky enough to be a part of Carina’s launch, I am thrilled to be here with my sci-fi erotic romance novella, Alien Revealed! Have you ever played “What if…”? Author’s do it all the time. We say ‘What if that girl was really a ghost?’ or ‘What if cousin Carson […]