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A Place Among the Stars: Why Sci-Fi Welcomes Everyone

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“One of the things I particularly liked about the book is that it’s set in a future where people are people and the rest is their own business. We’re told that Lindana had a friends-with-benefits relationship with a fellow – female – officer, and that Gabriel has used his good-looks and charm to seduce both […]

The Post-Apocalyptic World


By N.J. Walters, author of EMBRACING SILENCE We see it in books and movies all the time. The world and its inhabitants have been ravaged by disease, global warming, nuclear explosions, war, or aliens—take your pick—and a handful of people remain to pick up the pieces. What makes these types of books and films popular? Personally, […]

Where Will You Find Danger?


By Sheryl Nantus, author of IN THE VOID Out on the edge justice is hard to come by. And if you look too hard you might just find yourself adrift in an escape pod, hoping someone rescues you before you run out of air… Danger is everywhere when you’re In the Void! Here Catherine Rogers […]

Genesis of a Space Saga – Jael Wye


When I first envisioned a Solar system of the future populated by characters from fairy tales, I had no idea what I was getting into. I always intended to write a series of fairy tale retellings set in the same universe, but it wasn’t until I was deep into the middle of my first book […]

5 Ways Space Operas Can Help You Live a Better Life


The phrase space opera was coined in 1941 and recently author T.D. Wilson did a Spotlight on Space Opera right here on the blog. He defined space opera as “filled with adventure, conflict, mystery, and romance and beautifully orchestrated for the reader in an outer space setting.” In other words it’s a big adventure, set […]