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About those people who want to read my book


So, as of release, there are a few avid readers out there who want to read TASTE OF PASSION because it’s a sexy sci-fi romance with a headstrong heroine whose empathy lets her taste emotion. And then there are the people who want to read my book for another, more terrifying, reason: They know me […]

Once Upon A Time On Mars


              The Grimm brothers are popular dudes these days. Within just the last three years, movies, books, television series and comics have begun reworking the old popular tales that the Grimms and other folklorists recorded. Interestingly, these latest interpretations of the classic stories, like “Snow White and the Huntsman” […]

Never Say Never (or How Fae’s Muse Runs Her Life)


My latest Carina Press release, Sky Runners, is an out of this world adventure of sex, romance, space pirates and drug-running slavers, but it’s also the story of how stubborn, mouthy characters get their way. See, when I started writing the first book in the Skybound series (Sky Riders), it was a one-off, a bit […]

Character Interview: Natalia Hallowell and Genevieve Caine from Deep Deception


I’ve never done one of these and was a little nervous when I decided to give it a go. You’d think that as the person who wrote Deep Deception I’d know Natalia and Gennie well enough that their answers wouldn’t be much of a revelation. Not so. That’s the beauty of writing and creating characters, […]

What’s in a (Character’s) Name?


As an adoptive mom, I didn’t get to name my children; at ages 4 and 7, my darlings already had names when they joined our family. Good thing for me I get to create plenty of names for characters!  Sometimes I put a lot of research into names, choosing them based  on their etymology and […]


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