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The End of a Series, the Beginning of a…Knitted Scarf?


By R.L. Naquin, author of PHOENIX IN MY FORTUNE  It seems like everyone knits or crochets right now. A decade or two ago, everyone I knew did cross stitch. Somewhere in between, everybody was distressing, crackling, marbling and antiquing furniture. I have participated in each of these things. Countless unfinished cross-stitch projects fill tote bags […]

Tropes I Hate to Love: The Makeover Story


By Tamara Morgan, author of BECAUSE I CAN We all have those romance tropes that fall into our OMG-I-love-it or hate-hate-burn-it-with-fire categories. Secret babies. Enemies to lovers. Brother’s best friend. Marriage of convenience. Second chance love. Everyone has their own favorite, which is part of what makes this genre so much fun. One of my […]

Crossing The Finish Line (Plus Giveaway!)


Wheee, I did it! With the release of Dangerous Angel, I’ve completed my first series. This project took over a year and a half to complete, from an idea about a demonic apocalypse, to this moment. Over 231,000 words later, It. Is. DONE. I love writing in many romance subgenres, from contemporary to cyberpunk (I’m […]

Bittersweet Joy — Not Just A Great Name For A Truffle


Almost a year ago I released A Fine Romance, featuring a chocolatier hero. I spent quite a few months dreaming up interesting truffle flavor combinations for his book. And since it was only number two in my Aisle Bound series, I couldn’t stop once it came out. More of his delicious truffles had to be dreamed up for the ensuing […]

Reading Male/Male Romance

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Have you ever read a Male/Male romance? That was the question posed to me three years ago and at the time I responded with “Why would I want to?” A heavy reader of romance since my teens, I honestly didn’t think it would appeal to me. To my chagrin, I discovered how wrong my assumption […]