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Where Will You Find Danger?


By Sheryl Nantus, author of IN THE VOID Out on the edge justice is hard to come by. And if you look too hard you might just find yourself adrift in an escape pod, hoping someone rescues you before you run out of air… Danger is everywhere when you’re In the Void! Here Catherine Rogers […]

Alien Romantic Heroes — KC Burn


How likely are they? I think about it every time I write an alien hero, read a book with an alien hero, or watch a movie with one. I’ve loved sci-fi almost my whole life and space travel is so cool – exploring new planets and meeting alien races. In all the vastness of the […]

Genre Spotlight: Space Opera


Confused as to what a Space Opera is and how it’s different from other science fiction genres? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Author T.D. Wilson explains what a Space Opera is and what makes the genre so exciting, and continue scrolling for some great recommendations!   What is a “Space Opera”? by T.D. Wilson […]

Journey to the Stars


Did you ever stop and think what it would be like to live on a different world from Earth?  Not just an inhospitable one like Mars or a moon around Jupiter, but a world capable of supporting human life.  Trouble is, planets like those are light-years from us and to travel to another star system […]

The Speculative Worlds of Carina Press


I’m an author published by Carina Press, but I’ve also been one of their customers since they launched. I’m an eclectic and voracious reader, so I enjoy the wide range of genres that Carina publishes and often find myself tempted, by beautiful covers and intriguing blurbs, to purchase and read a variety of books in […]