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You tell us: Do you read science fiction?


OCT 1, 2012 — I’ve met many women who don’t read science fiction. They might enjoy supernatural, fantasy or historical romance. But anything with aliens, robots, space ships or lasers, don’t bother to beam them up, Scotty. Reasons for their dislike include a lack of characters to whom they relate, pervasive misogyny in the genre, […]

You Tell Us: Can You Tell When the Heroine (or Hero) is the Author’s Avatar?


Recently I was reading a writer friend’s manuscript and discussing how it could be stronger. (This is pretty much what writers do when they’re not writing: talking about how to make the writing better. We’re dreadfully boring people.) She’d written an urban fantasy, with a strong heroine – a kick-ass heroine, even – and told […]

You tell us: How do you like your steampunk?


Long before I heard the word “steampunk,” I knew I loved clock gears, old keys, Art Nouveau, Neo-Victorian costumes, time machines, Michael Moorcock and anything with brass, copper and rivets. But it took me awhile to warm up to contemporary steampunk literature. Carina Press authors such as Robert Appleton, Christine Bell, Cindy Spencer Pape and […]

You tell us: What was your favorite summer read?


Next week I’m going on staycation. In other words, I’m off for ten days (counting weekends and Labor Day) and I’m not going anywhere. No airports, no hotels, no car trips. Just me and my books. Oh, and my closets. I’ve promised myself I’ll clean my closets out. This is…an epic battle. But in the […]

Let us tell you: Notes from the Carina Press #rwa12 spotlight


Normally on Mondays I’d have a You Tell Us question, but this week we’re doing it a bit different and offering up some information! Our roving Harlequin reporter Amy Wilkins was live tweeting the different Harlequin spotlights. Unfortunately (or fortunately for you guys!) Twitter broke and she had to create a transcript instead. I’m sharing […]