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Bottom Line (eBook)

Bottom Line

Miniseries: Follow the Money
On Sale: Jun 27, 2023
Pub Month: Jul 2023

About this Book

G.B. Gordon returns with the second installment in the Follow the Money romantic suspense series, perfect for fans of TV’s White Collar.

Working for the FBI has always given Nick Marshall exactly what he wants in life: control over his distinguished career and control over his playboy image. And his notorious hookups have always given him control over his admittedly shallow relationships…until his last assignment showed him how amazing it could be to give up a little of that control. Amazing and terrifying.

Accountant Ben Coyne likes control too. Which is why waiting in vain for the gruff FBI agent to call makes Ben question his judgment and his heart. Just when it seems their intense chemistry must have been one-sided, Ben and Nick’s lives collide again, and Ben gets tangled up in the money-laundering scheme Nick’s investigating in Vancouver. And it’s crystal clear the attraction is still there, hotter than ever. 

Tracking down dirty money and working to uncover a suspected mole, Nick and Ben must learn to trust each other and work together, or else watch this case—and maybe their lives—go up in flames…

Follow the Money

Book 1: By the Book
Book 2: Bottom Line