Loose Cannon (Paperback)

Loose Cannon

Miniseries: Woodbury Boys
On Sale: Apr 04, 2017
Pub Month: May 2017

About this Book

Don't miss this brand-new male/male romance series from Sidney Bell, author of Bad Judgment  

Released after five years in the system for assault, streetwise Edgar-Allen Church is ready to leave the past behind and finally look to his future. In need of a place to crash, he's leaning on Miller Quinn. A patient, solidly masculine pillar of strength and support, Miller has always been there for him—except in the one way Church has wanted the most. 

Because of his staunchly conservative upbringing, Miller has been playing it straight his whole life. Now with Church so close again, it's getting harder to keep his denial intact. As they fumble their way back to friendship after so many years apart, Miller struggles to find the courage to accept who he really is. What he has with Church could be more than desire—it could be love. But it could also mean trouble. 

Church's criminal connections are closing in on both of them, and more than their hearts are at risk. This time, their very lives are on the line.